The Vision & Mission

"The Vision"

I contribute to a world in which all people strive to become whole beings, grounded in their power, centered in their vision, balanced in their actions and aligned with their highest potential, so that our actions arise from our highest self and fuel the healing and transformation of the world and mankind as we know it.

"The Mission"

Force and Flow is my vehicle for applying my creative, technical and intuitive skills for perceiving, articulating and embodying patterns of movement to the purpose of catalyzing transformation in individuals, groups and organizations. Through consulting services to organizations and coaching and retreats for individuals and small groups, I provide tools, guidance and support for aligning thought with action by attuning to and integrating the internal movements of our body, mind and heart with our movement in time and space. In this way, I strive to cultivate an experience of increased peace and improved orbital relationships on an individual, interpersonal and global level, and to empower people to reclaim their vital energy and access true and lasting strength, balance and health from within.

"Creating and Nurturing"

I create a space and design interactions in which people are encouraged to be open minded yet inquisitive and discerning, and are invited to satisfy their thirst for learning, growing, and healing by taking responsibility and finding their unique way to living a full and balanced life. I cultivate a proactive approach to personal, social, and environmental consciousness and transformation and a fierce dedication to our highest vision for the well-being of ourselves, our loved ones and our local and global communities. In valuing my personal relationships and connection to nature above all, I nurture a community of people striving to live authentically and to act with integrity. I invite my clients to rise to new levels of personal and professional accomplishment by experiencing the success of having the strength and energy to realize their dreams for a better life and better world.
longdock6I offer tools, hold space, and help you cultivate practices for sustainable long-term health and vitality of your body, mind and spirit.
And I do this with lots of compassion and humor and without judgment, opening space for you to go deep and unravel obstacles with grace, ease and pleasure.
You’re invited to enter the practice, starting from where you are right now. An initial assessment will help us chart our course and determine which formats and modalities are right for you:
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