Art of Healing Touch


Couples Bodywork


Of all the things you give each other, nothing is as deeply healing and meaningful as mindful, tender touch…

Come spend an intimate evening learning how to use not only your hands but your entire body to help each other relax, release, rejuvenate and rejoice in the pleasure of your personal connection.

Learn to listen with your hands and cultivate a gift you can give each other for years to come.

This two-and-a-half-hour workshop will be a gift that keeps on giving – you’ll learn not only moves, but the principles of how to stretch, release tension, and encourage relaxation in your partner’s body and your own body simultaneously.

It’s efficient, it’s effective, and most of all it’s organic ecstasy for your bodies and spirits. You’ll learn how to join forces with your partner to push, pull and shake your tensions out and bring the good feelings in, and you’ll benefit from the expert guidance, individualized attention, and relaxed and intuitive magic of Ophra Wolf’s teaching.

You can look forward to an invigorating and playful evening packed with pleasure and practical tools for releasing tension and improving your strength and alignment.

Connect deeply and feed your bodies and spirits a sweet dose of playful partnering and deep listening

There’s nothing like the awareness that comes when you work in partnership with another body – you’ll learn to feel subtle pushes and pulls, resistance and release, and the dynamics of sharing your weight with your partner – all skills that are sure to make you an even more masterful communicator, in your relationship and in every other part of your life. And there’s no play quite as pleasurable and rewarding as using your own weight for resisting, sharing, and supporting!

Best of all, while you play with using your weight to resist, support and share good sensations with your partner, you’re also on the fast track to finding more balance, flexibility, strength, and most of all, *pleasure* in your own body.

Get the moves to keep your juices and the good times together flowing…

Winter is a great season for holing up together, and after this workshop you’ll be able to do that without ever fearing the stiffness and lethargy the cold days impose. You might even look forward to the freeze outside once you learn these secrets to staying limber, agile and relaxed… all while hanging out together on the floor at home! And best of all, you’ll never need more than one another to indulge in healthy play and wholesome entertainment.

This is an investment in your relationship and your well-being that will pay itself off a thousandfold… don’t miss your chance to be part of this intimate and exclusive workshop!

Space is very limited because this is a hands on and individualized workshop – if you’re tired of having generic moves thrown at you that you’re expected to perform no matter what actually feels good for your body, make sure to reserve your spot immediately. I’ll be treating every individual as just that and giving you both the attention and the expertise you need to make the most of every move and moment that we share.

Learn powerful and effective techniques for using walking to:

  • Relax & Revitalize
  • Listen & Connect Deeply
  • Reduce Stress
  • Release Pain & Tension
  • Replenish Energy
  • Improve Alignment & Flexibility
  • Support Injuries
  • Reduce Chronic Pain
Your Guide

OphraOphra Wolf is a mind-body educator, healer and mover extraordinaire. She’s bringing together an incredible array of knowledge – from the mechanics and anatomy of dance, yoga, and pilates, to the energetics of qi gong and mindfulness of meditation and movement improvisation – to deliver a workshop packed with practical and accessible information to help improve your everyday life.

How to Book the Art of Healing Touch

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