Breathe Deep


Photo by Teresa Smith, with Emily Feit & Ophra Wolf

Breathe Deep

The pain in your neck, the strain in your back, the static in your mind and the fatigue in your eyes…

What if all these could be remedied with one simple, free and universally accessible treatment?

Transform tension, pressure and rigidity into support, ease and spaciousness by experiencing your breath more fully.

The season is changing and the pace is full force right now. As stress builds up in your body, so do the pain and fatigue. Any one of these is enough to throw you off your game, and the three together are a recipe for bad health.
Breathe Deep is a workshop in ways you can use your breath to relax and release tension from your body quickly and effortlessly, so you can avoid stress build-up, stay out of pain and manage your energy levels with ease.

You can look forward to a seminar that’s as packed with pleasure as it is with useful tools and information – an introduction and a foundation to discovering how meditative, refreshing and energizing being in your body can be.

Learn to tune into and access your breath as an effective strategy for improving your comfort, energy and focus throughout the day.

Your sharp focus on detailed tasks and bright screens invites shallow breath, and your days require so much focus it’s easy to miss that you’re hardly breathing at all. At the end of the day when your head hurts or your back and shoulders are killing you, it’s tempting to berate your body for failing you and look for a pill to fix the malfunction.  Unfortunately this rarely works for actually feeling better.

This workshop is here to offer you a far more effective strategy for actually feeling better, quickly and easily, and simple tools for easily applying it to your everyday life.

Discover the secrets of full and connected breathing and catapult yourself to a new level of comfort and performance.

The gentle movements and guided meditations of the Breathe Deep workshop make for some of the simplest, most practical and effective techniques for significantly improving and maintaining your health and wellness, not to mention your focus and stamina on a daily.

For lovers of immediate gratification, come see just how quickly and pleasurably you can energize and relax your body, mind and spirit. And then do it again and again with the fancy skills you pick up.

All of which make this workshop by far one of the most valuable experiences you can give yourself.

But what makes it over the top valuable is the the small group size and intimate setting that Ophra creates, making sure that every individual can benefit from her incredible store of knowledge and warm care in a personalized way.

Learn powerful and effective techniques for using your breath to:

  • Release Stress Throughout the Day
  • Increase Your Focus & Stamina
  • Relax Your Mind & Increase Your Awareness
  • Improve Immune Function & Breath Capacity
  • Replenish Your Energy
  • Improve Your Alignment
  • Reduce Chronic Pain & Avoid Injury
Your Guide

OphraOphra Wolf is a mind-body educator, healer and mover extraordinaire. She’s bringing together an incredible array of knowledge – from the mechanics and anatomy of dance, yoga, and pilates, to the energetics of qi gong and mindfulness of meditation and movement improvisation – to deliver a workshop packed with practical and tangible information to help improve your everyday life.

What People Are Saying!

This workshop made breath come alive for me.

I enjoyed the actual practice of breathing and really being able to focus only on that. I really was surprised at how I was able to breath in a way that enabled me to become aware of my three-dimensionality.  This was kind of new to me.  I also have a better understanding and feeling for what it means to breath into a particular part of the body.  This workshop really made that come alive for me.

I think that the people I work with who work for large global companies really need to learn how to reflect and breath. I would also recommend this workshop to people who suffer from aches and pains as I believe that intentional breathing practices can help; also for people with mindfulness practices.

~Willa Z.

I invited my friend and we both loved it!

What I found most useful about the Breathe Deep workshop were all the practical application elements, the various ways of thinking and talking about breath and breathing – the detail was a pleasant surprise and really helpful. Small class size was also really nice.

~Shannon M.

What was blocking me really hit home.

I really appreciated how we progressed step by step thru that one, long breathing routine. It was nice to break it down and build on it. I discovered I was having difficulty with taking deep breaths because I wasn’t breathing out all the way – I wasn’t getting all the air out before trying to take more in. We’ve addressed that before but it was apparent and really hit home for me that day. That’s definitely useful in my moment-to-moment existence and comfort, but perhaps also as some larger metaphor in my life… Anyone could and would benefit from this workshop.

~Alex G.

Your way of describing movement was very useful, but also very surprising.

I loved the space and thought it set a great tone for the workshop. My favorite part of the workshop was discovering the importance of exhaling, rather than just inhaling. That’s been very useful for me in the past few days. I thought your way of describing movement was very useful, but also very surprising. It was shocking how prioritizing the physiology and biology of the body could really help guide me through the movement instead of those sorts of descriptions feeling too technical. I’ve been thinking about the placement, size and shape of my lungs and bones all week! I would recommend this workshop to my mother!

~Taja C.

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