I invite my clients to rise to new levels of personal and professional accomplishment
by experiencing success as a state of abundant energy and ease
for realizing goals and dreams.
Force and Flow creates space and designs interactions in which people are encouraged to be open minded yet inquisitive and discerning while learning, growing, and taking responsibility for finding their unique way to living a full and balanced life.

We cultivate a proactive approach to personal, social, and environmental consciousness and transformation and a fierce dedication to our highest vision for the well-being of ourselves, our loved ones and our local and global communities.

By providing tools, guidance and support for integrating the internal movements of our body, mind and heart with our movement in time and space, we help you to better align thought with action and to experience true and lasting strength, balance and health from within, as well as increased peace and improved orbital relationships on an individual, interpersonal and global level.

We believe that Leadership isn’t a position, it’s action. The leaders who move us forward are those whose daily actions are aligned with a higher vision, and whose presence inspires us to show up more fully to our own potential.

Ophra helps cultivate skills for presence, awareness of the whole, and internal alignment so that leaders of visionary organizations can better define and communicate expectations, roles, and responsibilities to others, provide resources for staff development, and recognize team accomplishments. In other words, so they can inspire.

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Force and Flow helps visionary businesses to:

  • Design work spaces which foster healthy habits and interactions
  • Inspire creativity and grounded focus
  • Achieve balance and flexibility needed to support the physical, mental and emotional vitality of the workforce

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