"I invite you to enter the practice, starting from where you are. An initial assessment will help us chart our course and determine which formats and modalities are right for you."

Force & Flow is about the balance between attention to detail and consideration of the whole. It’s about relaxed power and focused flow. My magic is integrating East-West & NOW for YOUR body’s specific needs and for bringing efficiency and pleasure to your movement in life. I’m here to help you make Mind-Body Health and Holistic Wellness accessible and relevant to your long-term health & vitality, and to make it fun, relaxing and empowering, no matter where you’re starting from.

…and I’m committed to doing it with lots of compassion and humor, and without judgment

Who and What is this Work Good For?

The work I do is transformational. I’ve helped people heal and drastically improve their ability to manage and transform debilitating chronic pain and illness, psychological instability and trauma. The grid below will list a number of conditions and symptoms that this work can be great for, and there are more, but my work is not for everyone. I only work with a very small private clientele and only with clients whom are deeply invested in their personal transformation. I serve organizations that are pioneering a culture of sustainable health and wellness in the workplace, community and home.

If you’re hungry to learn, know the value of masterful guidance, and are prepared to take action and engage fully with your healing process, this work is for you. Use the form below to contact me directly or the links above to read about current offerings.

If you’re looking to…

Immune Function & Lung Capacity

Emotional Balance & Grounding

Bone Density & Joint Health

Blood & Lymph Circulation

Flexibility & Vitality

Stress & Anxiety

Depression & Fatigue

Struggles with Weight

Physical, Emotional & Mental Blockages

Back Pain, Injury, Stiffness & Inflammation

Movement Awareness & Range of Motion

Alignment, Balance & Core Strength

Physical & Mental Agility

Concentration & Focus

Relaxation Techniques

Reproductive Function

Post Stroke Conditions

Injury & Easing Back into Fitness

Chemo & Surgery Prep & Recovery

Prenatal & Postnatal Prep & Recovery

Back, Neck & Joint Pain

Thyroid & Adrenal Issues

Chronic Digestive & Gastric Disorders

Fibromyalgia & Neurological Disorders

Cardiovascular & Respiratory Conditions

Chronic Pain & Fatigue

Painful Menstrual Cycle

Depletion & Imbalance

Struggles with Image

Migraines & Chronic Headaches

Here to help!
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