Sound Baths

Sound Baths

Upcoming Sound Baths:
Thursday, May 1 @ 6PM
Sunday, June 8 @ 6PM
Sunday, July 13 @ 6PM
$20 Suggested Donation – RSVP to reserve your spot!
Sound Baths at Force & Flow
Sound Baths are sound immersion events that offer a relaxed and meditative setting for the practice of focused presence and mindfulness in the act of listening.

Sound Baths at Force and Flow are facilitated by Katie Down, an accomplished musician and licensed music therapist, with a gentle warm-up for the physical senses offered by Ophra Wolf.

The sessions create a time and space for deep listening and transformation open to all who need to slow down and access the power of visceral listening through the senses. Participants experience one full hour of continuous live sound created by different drone instruments including (at varying times) didgeridoo, sitar, large crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, Indian sruti box and chanting, drum circles, tuning fork sound therapy, urban sound walks, and more. Each participant in the sound bath is invited to co-create sound with the facilitators. Or, they may simply bathe in the sound with intention in meditation. Sound Baths are a monthly (or almost monthly) event at Force and Flow. You can also book a private Sound Bath for yourself and your partner and/or friends by contacting us via phone or email.

Read more about Katie Down and her beautiful Sound Bath practice here.


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