Roberta Carreri of the Odin Teatret

If you don’t know about the work of the Odin Teatret, you should take a moment to discover this theater company which has been around since 1964 under the leadership of Eugenio Barbara and which has had a big hand in shaping the world of experimental theater (http://www.odinteatret.dk/about-us/about-odin-teatret.aspx). There’s a connection to Grotowsky, Barba was an early student and assistant to him and is largely responsible for making Grotowsky’s work known in Europe, but half a century down the line the Odin has it’s own rich history and unique approach to embodied presence.

Roberta Carreri has been with the Odin since 1974 and has been an instrumental part of ISTA (International School of Theatre Anthropology) since Barba created it in 1980. She’s come into contact with performing techniques from Japan, India, Bali and China to name a few, and as a teacher she has a magical ability to distill and convey the essential art of embodiment that these otherwise foreign and complex techniques hold.

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