Movement Improvisation

Dance and Movement Improvisation

I grew up bilingual, but dance has always been my true mother-tongue. There are as many ways of dancing as there are people in the world, and different dance forms are like different dialects of a universal language. When I dance, I’m communicating with myself and through this dialogue I’m not only connecting to myself, but discovering pathways and opportunities to connect more deeply and authentically with others.

Dance is what it’s all about for me. To me it means falling into rhythm with the forces and the flows in my life, and at different times different practices have served me as guides. Of these, improvisation is by far the most important practice for me.

Is improvisation something that can be taught or learned? If it is, then I’ve had some of the most incredible teachers in the world, from both contemporary dance and experimental theater, and I am still a dedicated and avid student. On this community page you can read about some of the improvisation teachers, practices and groups that have and continue to shape me: Steve Paxton, Lisa Nelson, Thomas Richards and Mario Biagini, Ruth Zapora, Contact Improvisation and more.

Improvisation implies the willingness to arrive and engage with the present moment, to not know what will happen next in order to be open to what is happening now, and to understand that there are countless perspectives and possibilities that are true at any given moment.
In teaching me how to live my life in this state, improvisation itself has been my greatest teacher.

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