Alexander Technique

Like Feldenkrais, the Alexander Technique is more of an educational process than a form of exercise or treatment. Although both are used therapeutically to great results, their power lies in the principle that cultivating awareness is the key to transforming patterns and finding balance. My work at Force and Flow is deeply rooted in this principle, as you may have already gathered from reading about my Process and Practice.

The Alexander Technique is familiar to many dancers and especially actors – Frederick Matthias Alexander was an actor and public speaker and developed the technique in the 1890’s as part of his quest to figure out why he was constantly losing his voice. That our ailments our often our best guides forward is one of the great lessons built in to Alexander.

Dance classes in London was where I first encountered some incredible Alexander practitioners and teachers, and in one way or another the technique has stuck around in my life, through study, practice and colleagues, ever since. In New York I spent some time studying with Hope Martin ( and I’ve invited Belinda Mello ( to teach at my studio. If you are ever in Toronto, my friend and colleague Yves Candau is not only an incredible dancer, but a truly gifted Alexander practitioner. You can also check out

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