African Dance

African Dance

Pat Hall’s Afro Caribbean dance class didn’t save my life so much as give it back to me. The class is a Brooklyn classic at this point with more than two decades of history behind it, and I’d been hearing about it for a while before I started going. I’d done some African dance in the past and always loved it, but it took a bad breakup and an intense longing to connect to an essential part of my nature before I got my butt to Pat’s class, and I’ve been going ever since. That’s because Pat gives much more than a dance class, she creates a community and space for people from all walks of life to feel the power of their body and move with joy and abandon. And her musicians are amazing. Everybody dances, small and large, young and old, professionals and newbie’s, and you will too if you go.

Recently Pat helped to open up a new center in Brooklyn for African and diaspora dance called Cumbé, and I highly recommend checking it’s incredible schedule of dance and music classes and workshops.

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