Photo by Craig Chin

Photo by Craig Chin

Your body is the portal to your deepest wisdom.

As you step into this new cycle, consider that rather than using your body as a means to meet the demands of your mind, you can learn to use your mind to listen and become present to the wisdom embedded in your body.

It’s as simple as exchanging fear of your pain for curiosity about the nature of your state.

Nature is the key word: when we learn to make this shift for ourselves, imagining how we can heal and improve our relationship with the natural world quickly and effectively becomes tangible. There’s no time to waste!

Simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy, and we’re all tasked with learning to distinguish the histrionics of our mind from the wisdom of our body and spirit. There are many ways to do this – for me, listening to the body and learning to use it as an instrument of deep communication has been the most potent and direct, and it’s my privilege to share what I’ve learned along the way with you.

I’m rarely available for group classes these days, but this Sunday, September 20th at noon is a special opportunity to join me in Brooklyn for my popular Breathe Deep workshop, where you’ll learn to use your breath to reduce and avoid chronic pain, manage stress and fatigue, and improve your focus and stamina throughout the day. Space is limited and filling quickly, so make sure to register ASAP.

If you’d like to talk about working together privately to help you regain control of your health, get out of pain and support your healing process with efficiency and ease, email me and we’ll make a time to connect by phone.

Shana Tova to those celebrating the New Year, and wishes for a joyous and fruitful season to all!