For those of you in the Hudson Valley, I’m offering a free Breathe Deep workshop at the Greater Hudson Valley Family Health Center this coming Wednesday. Here are the practical details, and below that a little more about why I’m doing this workshop at this space at this time:


Breathe Deep

Wednesday, July 29
5:30–6:30 PM

How Breathing Fully Can Help You Be Comfortable, Relaxed & Pain Free All Day

A free presentation for organizations, clients, and community members

Greater Hudson Valley Family Health Center
147 Lake St. Newburgh, NY
in the Large Community Room
Learn to:
  • Release Stress & Anxiety Throughout the Day
  • Replenish Your Energy
  • Improve Your Focus & Stamina
  • Relax Your Mind & Increase Your Awareness
  • Improve Immune Function & Breath Capacity
Your Guide
Ophra Ophra Wolf is the owner of Force and Flow, a vibrant holistic health and mind-body education practice. She’s celebrated for her ability to help people move out of pain and illness quickly and effectively, while making the process of integrating a long-term, holistic and empowered approach to wellness practical, pleasurable and deeply transformational.
The Mission

Since moving to Newburgh, NY at the end of 2014, I’ve been putting some serious thought into how I share my skills with my community. I know from  feedback I’ve gotten from so many people that I’ve worked with over the past decade that my approach is unique, powerful, and extremely relevant to our needs in this time of transformation in our culture.

As my private services have become increasingly focused on serving a select group of leaders and change makers from whose wellness, strength and presence so many people benefit, I’ve also made a commitment to make my work accessible to the greater community via free and low cost workshops, presentations and events. In this way, I’m able to contribute to a growing cultural shift towards personal empowerment and actualization of our highest potential by sharing my approach to health and wellness through movement awareness with populations who may otherwise not have an opportunity to work with me.