Photo by Marielise Gouléne
Photo by Marielise Gouléne


Connecting to Core

April 14 – July 13

90-Day Semi-Private Group Session
focused on

Dynamic Core Strength and Fluid Breath Connection

Spring is here and your body wants to come out of hibernation mode and bloom into it’s full potential for pleasure and productivity – what better time to commit to your wellbeing and transform your pain and discomfort into renewed strength and energy?!
  • Are you working hard at living a healthy, mindful life, but not seeing and feeling the results you’re spending so much energy on?
  • Are you aching to get strong but find yourself tied up dealing with fatigue and aches that only get exacerbated when you try to “work out”?
  • Do overcrowded and under-informed yoga, pilates and movement classes leave you feeling more tense and brittle than supple and centered?
  • Are you ready for the kind of detailed information and personalized attention that can catapult you to the next level of comfort, energy, flexibility and strength?
  • Do you love to learn and are you committed to opening your awareness, aligning with your highest potential and moving consciously through life?

Then this is your invitation to join a small group of brilliant, creative, and perceptive folks like yourself to experience the Force and Flow approach to holistic mind-body movement.

Our focus this session will be on finding the strength and flexibility that come from a dynamic and mindful connection to your core – there’s nothing as frustrating as watching your hard work make things even harder, but that’s often what happens when we “work out” without understanding the underlying connections of our body. CONNECTING TO CORE is about experiencing strength and alignment with ease and efficiency by learning how to connect and move from your center.

I’ve gathered a number of incredibly potent exercises from the worlds of Pilates, Yoga, Qi Gong and beyond, and cohered them in a systematic flow focused on helping you cultivate a connection to your core which will serve you in every single thing you do, from sitting in a chair to climbing personal, professional and natural mountains.

Take a moment to imagine what it would mean to you to have the energy, strength, flexibility and awareness to get the most out of the opportunities in your life? Who would you be if you could let go of held postures and tense positions and instead find ease in movement and organic strength? What kind of energy and awareness could you bring to the things you love?

Regardless of your background in movement, whether it be on a mat, in the gym, on the grass or even if it’s none at all, this upcoming session at Force and Flow is an incredible opportunity to develop the awareness and acquire potent tools for stepping into a healthier, stronger, more vibrant body. And with a maximum of five people in a group, you’re sure to get the personal attention that is so indispensable to your development and without which you’re likely spend a lot more time repeating the same mistakes and fighting off or giving into burn out.

Here are just a few of the benefits that you are sure to gain when you show up for yourself through this 90-Day CONNECTING TO CORE session:

  • Learn to attune to your movement, avoid injury and cultivate pleasure and ease in your body.
  • Have powerfully effective and simple tools for strengthening, centering, balancing, energizing and releasing tension.
  • Have improved breath awareness and breath capacity, as well as the improved focus, presence and resiliency that follows.
  • Experience dynamic alignment and tangible improvements in your posture, both in your body and in life.
  • Feel more connected to your intuitive, reflexive mind and experience greater ease and confidence with others as you come to know it in your own body.
  • Embody more strength, flexibility and agility as you navigate the challenges and opportunities in your life.
  • And most importantly, cultivate a healthy, strong and sustainable long-term relationship with your body.

Here is what the thoughtfully crafted FALLING INTO BALANCE package includes:

  • 10-weekly 75-minute semi-private sessions which encourage a steady, incremental development of your strength, flexibility and awareness.

April 14 – June 22
Choose a group
Tuesdays 6:45PM, Wednesdays 7:15PM, Sundays 11:00AM

  • A private 60-minute session in which we will hone in on your specific questions and accelerate your development.
  • An invitation to one of three Sound Baths, our acclaimed sonic meditation series.
  • A 3-hour Walking Workshop in late June and/or early July
  • PLUS: a gift for a friend to join you at the workshop for free!
  • 30% discount and priority booking on additional private or bodywork sessions throughout the 90-days
  • Personalized tips and assignments to keep you engaged in a sustainable, pleasurable way throughout the week
  • Audio recordings of all group sessions

The cost for all this is only $840 or $280 a month! And according to my long time students, the benefits are priceless. A payment plan is available to break up the cost, and spots are extremely limited at this point – if you think you are a good fit for this program, fill out the application form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP with registration information.

Pre-Registration for CONNECTING TO CORE:
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